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It's time to build the business you were born to build!

Have you ever dreamed of building a business that is both spiritually fulfilling and financially successful? In Awaken The Enlightened Entrepreneur Within 21-Day Challenge, author of The Enlightened Entrepreneur, Authentic Business Success Mentor Olivia Lobell will help you turn this dream into reality.

    Welcome to Awaken The Enlightened Entrepreneur Within 21-Day Challenge! The place to be to make an IMPACT and an INCOME doing what you LOVE! Take a moment to look around, breathe the air and receive the ENLIGHTENMENT!

    Chances are you found your way here via my transformational book The Enlightened Entrepreneur, which is all about the NEW business model for coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts, what I love to call, Enlightened Entrepreneurs.

    To help you take what you learned in the book and incorporate it into your business, I'd love to gift you with a 21-day journey to Awaken The Enlightened Entrepreneur Within YOU! For 21 days, you’ll get a powerful yet short daily video training (less than 6 minutes long) designed to help you:

    • Tap into who you TRULY are to awaken the enlightened entrepreneur within YOU!
    • Discover the authentic business success models behind your BIG vision, BIG mission, BIG message!
    • Learn the simple, yet powerful tools to be able to experience BOTH spiritual fulfilment and financial success in your business!

    Here's how it will work: for the next 21 days you'll get an email a day with a short video training and action steps to take that day to help you awaken the enlightened entrepreneur within. (Don't worry these are quite short but VERY transformational and well worth your time.) After 21 days, you'll be on your way to make an impact and an income doing what you love, which in turn will empower you to experience both spiritual fulfilment and financial success in your business!

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    Your Master Teacher, Coach & Mentor Olivia Lobell, MA

    Olivia Lobell is the author of The Enlightened Entrepreneur and a contributor author to Pebbles in the Pond, where she is featured alongside New York Times Best-Selling Authors Marci Shimoff, Robert Allen, Arielle Ford, Sonia Choquette, Christine Kloser, and dozens more transformational authors. Olivia is the creator of Awaken The Enlightened Entrepreneur Within 21-Day Challenge and founder of, a company devoted to teaching enlightened entrepreneurs around the world how to build a thriving business around their blessing, attract more ideal clients, and make a lot more profits while being authentic and aligned with their passion and purpose.

    She became an Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E. – Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Leader, Expert – after finishing her Master’s Degree in London, UK, and receiving a wake-up calling—spiritual awakening—which led her to go through a self-discovery stage in her life, what she calls her “soul-searching” journey, she went through three years of totally immersion in self-growth and entrepreneurship. She was blessed to transition from a 10-year language teaching career to building a thriving business she loves around her authenticity, passion and purpose—all while transforming her life and the lives of those she touches on the way.

    Since then, she has dedicated her life to enlighten the minds, empower the hearts and inspire the souls of other passionate professionals—Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E.—to awaken the enlightened entrepreneur within and achieve authentic business success on their own way and terms. Through her transformational books, coaching and mentoring programs, and live events Olivia shows her students and clients how to make a difference and get well-paid doing what they love! She is the leading voice for the emerging make-a-difference-based authentic business success as an enlightened entrepreneur movement.

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